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Anticipated PS5 App For Horror Game Abandoned Accidentally Trolls Everyone

Blue Box Game Studios’ not-Silent Hill project continues to be a bust

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A black screen with the words "Trailer coming soon" on it.
Screenshot: Blue Box Game Studios / Kotaku

After tons of wild fan speculation and lots of technical delays, Blue Box Game Studios’ PS5 app for hyping its upcoming horror game, Abandoned, is officially here. It’s as anticlimactic as you might have expected given everything leading up to its release.

The Abandoned PS5 App clocks in at a whopping 5.1 GB despite it only containing the briefest of teases: some guy’s bootcut jeans, gliding across a creaky old wooden floor. It scarcely lasts a dozen seconds. Blue Box says a longer trailer and hands-off demos will come to the app in the future, but for now it’s basically just the tease the studio already showed earlier this week just running on your PS5 instead of Twitter.


Abandoned was announced on the PlayStation Blog back in April, and thanks to a number of weird coincidences some people started to believe it was a Kojima Silent Hill game in disguise. Even as those conspiracy theories fell apart, however, enough believers remained that we’re still discussing it months later as it continues to find new ways to disappoint people.


The app, which Blue Box insisted on developing rather than simply uploading a trailer on YouTube, was an attempt to show off the game in real-time on the PS5. It was originally supposed to go live on August 10. But it didn’t.

“Quick update: we are still working on it,” the studio wrote on Twitter at the last minute in a now-deleted tweet. “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”

“The delay is taking longer than expected,” it wrote the next day. “We dealt with multiple engine issues that occured last minute after we spotted a graphical glitch,” it wrote the day after that.

Now it’s finally here. And it’s nothing, at least for right now. So hopefully we can all move on with our lives and if Abandoned ever finally comes out and is good, we can all enjoy it. And if it’s not good, we can add it to the pile of evidence of our collective embarrassment for future generations to look back on.