Anti-Trump Rallies Are Much More Entertaining In Second Life

Within hours of posting a video of my visit to the Second Life Trump Mansion, the forces of chaos organized a rally.

Warning: The video above contains mild nudity, harsh nudity, exposed teeth, one of those meme dogs, suggestive violence, dissuaded violence, strong language and quiche.

“HADET: Making Heresy Great Again” read the signs posted and being carried by the various avatars assembled near the flaming garbage across the street from the Trump compound. The aforementioned forces, possibly known as Chaos Indivisvm but who can really tell, were there to celebrate the coming of Hadet.

He has a mild skin condition.
He has a mild skin condition.

From what I could pick out, Hadet is a legendary hero sent back in time from the future, but possibly forward in time a bit more since he was sent too far back the first time. The anti-Trump rally was the key to bringing down the perpendicular wizards and reducing the global popular to 250,000, causing everyone’s lawns to get much bigger and the price of pants to rise.

I had nightmares about those teeth last night.
I had nightmares about those teeth last night.

I observed the rally from its earliest moments in an empty field to the raising of the amphitheater and stage. There was supposed to be a crucifixion at one point, but a couple of people just sat on the erected cross. Close enough.

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I observed the proceedings disguised as a pink Chocobo from Final Fantasy. It was the perfect disguise.


The anti-Trump, pro-chaos rally soon erupted into chaos, which is probably a win for them. Half of the crowd wandered over to the Trump auditorium to discuss how much Kotaku sucks and then crash the sim. The other half had snacks. It was a lovely evening.

The Trump Mansion is becoming something of a Second Life hot spot. The forces of chaos are planning regular events, which seems a little out of character but being out of character is sort of chaotic as it is, so it works. People are filming chat shows out in front of the gates.


It’s the most excitement I’ve seen in Second Life in years. Thanks, Trump.

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