Anthem Glitches Can Make Your Javelin Even Cooler

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While its day-one patch fixed a number of issues, BioWare’s sci-fi epic Anthem still has bugs. Not all of them are bad though, and players have recently discovered a few glitches that make the game’s Javelin exo suits even cooler than before.

There are four types of Javelins in Anthem, each with unique abilities: Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. Over the course of the game players unlock them all and can create custom builds to switch between while back at their home base of Fort Tarsis. However, the game doesn’t always do a clean job of swapping one Javelin out for another. As a result, some players have found ways to actually load one Javelin inside another and then use that hybrid creation out on the battlefield.

A short clip shared on Reddit by a user called Feefski shows one example of the Colossus with the agile Interceptor’s charge attack equipped allowing the otherwise slow, hulking Javelin to dash across the map and melee strike a boss in the blink of an eye.

Gif: Feefski (Reddit)

Other commenters in the thread said they were able to recreate the glitch on PC if their copy of the game was installed on an HDD. There are multiple videos on YouTube of the glitch as well.

In a comment now deleted by the mods because it was interpreted as encouraging cheating, one poster said the key to enabling the glitch was spamming the escape button right after selecting a new Javelin in the forge. I wasn’t able to get it to work, possibly because my game is installed on an SSD.

Other commenters did report success, however, including one who claimed to have been able to combine more than two Javelins. “You can also trigger the glitch multiple times, so you could equip both colossus and storm and ranger abilities/weapons on an Interceptor,” wrote a user who goes by Callyste. “It’s wicked.”

Gif: Miniscream (Reddit)

A different but equally cool Javelin glitch was recently shared in a separate thread by a user called . Miniscream. Normally, Javelins can’t use their guns or abilities while flying through the air. Once again using the Colossus Javelin, Miniscream discovered that if they triggered its lightning coil attack before taking off into the air, they were able to still use their flamethrower even once they were in full-on flight mode.


These bugs might end up getting patched out in a future update but for now they’ve pushed players’ imaginations regarding cool new hybrid Javelin-builds BioWare could officially add to the game in the future.

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This game looks fucking gorgeous. I’m really hoping this game gets some further love with some fleshing out/balancing, because like 90% of me wants to play the everloving shit out of this - the only things holding me back are my wallet (my next big-ish purchase is Pandemic Legacy Season 2, so it’ll be a bit), and the fact that I’ve played D3 and don’t want to burn myself out on the game before it gets some meat on it.