Another Take on Catherine Is Another Take on Sexy Pin-Up Parodies

Starring a pin-up named CoCo, Another Take on Catherine is, well, another take on the popular game Catherine.

The flick's official teaser has hit the internet, and, while it does feature some flashes of flesh, it's not nearly as NSFW as the gravure, or pin-up, film could be.

"In Japan, it's not uncommon to see gravure films or adult films take cues from popular titles of the day and give fans a little something extra," said Another Take on Catherine director Charlie Maib.


"What we've done is take the idea of a gravure film and pushed it a little further into cinematic territory." According to Maib, this is the "ultimate art house game film".

The movie is not endorsed by Atlus, the makers of the original Catherine game. The film is a loose interpretation of the game.

"We have gotten as close as we can to the source material without treading into dangerous legal territory," Maib told Kotaku. "It is not a retelling of the game's story, but as the title suggests, another take on the character of Catherine."

Kotaku previously covered the film earlier this year, when it was then slated for a summer release. The movie is now slated for release early next year.


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Joel Rubin

Someone say Coco?

Oh, not this Coco. She wouldn't work at all as Catherine, but I wouldn't have said a thing.

I actually have yet to play this game—I bought it, but I've not been in the mood for "block puzzles" for a while.