Another Sneak Peek at Cliff Bleszinski's New Project

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According to former Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski, "here's another closely cropped image of something I'm working on." That's right, Cliff Bleszinski is doing NBA 2K15. Kidding!


The previous image Bleszinski showed was dry and dusty, and there was someone, perhaps a soldier, holding a gun. His latest image is sporty. So sporty.


For both images, Bleszinski was careful to note that these were "cropped."

No doubt that means when he pulls back and reveals the full image, which could use a totally different artistic style, we will all know the truth: Cliff Bleszinski is developing an anime dating game and that these are just red herrings. Fingers crossed!

something I'm working on [@therealcliffyb via Polygon via VG247]

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He can tease all he wants. I am not impressed with him doing Gears of War.