Another Round of Super Monday Night Combat Teasing, Now With More Gameplay

Here's just a little bit more of Super Monday Night Combat, the recently announced, free-to-play sort-of-sequel to Uber Entertainment's Xbox 360 and PC game that (this time) draws a lot more influence from DotA-style gameplay.


There's more actual gameplay in this clip than Super Monday Night Combat's debut teaser. There's also some concept artwork strewn throughout and more facetime with SMNC's new characters, Combatgirl, Gunsinger and the Veteran. Maybe you'll come to understand a bit better how the new, PC-only Super Monday Night Combat aims to model itself after a Warcraft III mod and the MOBAs that it inspired.


For more, read Kotaku's preview of Super Monday Night Combat.

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Adrian Callahan

I'm probably alone in this sentiment, but I'm getting tired of the influx of DOTA clones, and games mimicking the play style. It pains me to say most generic FPS titles seem more original.