Another Retailer Says Nothankyou To The PSPgo

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One Dutch retailer refusing to stock the PSPgo is an isolated incident. But when the Aussie branch of EB Games says "no, thanks" as well, you've got a trend on your hands.


Kotaku Australia's David Wildgoose rung around in Sydney this morning and found that not a single EB Games he contacted would be stocking the game. I rang around in Canberra and Melbourne and found the same thing: despite a release date of next week, the console appears in EB's system only as "discontinued", and is not listed as an upcoming release.

Most employees were either coyly evasive or genuinely uninformed of the move, but a few revealed that the decision has been made at management due to a combination of the console's high price-point combined with the fact the retailer won't be recouping any money from software sales.

Neither EB Games nor Sony would specifically address the issue, but it's clear from speaking with staff (and from the absence of any mention of the PSPgo on EB's website) that Australia's largest specialist games retailer won't be stocking the handheld.

Can't remember the last time a console met with this much retail animosity before it was even out. For the record, EB's biggest competitors - GAME and JB Hi-Fi - will both be stocking the handheld.

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Well EB Games stocked the N-Gage. That was a horrible excuse for a phone and game player. That was a flop and they didn't have any sales from that. I suppose the are seeing this as another money pit.