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Another PS3 Bundle, This Time With Baseball & Bond

Illustration for article titled Another PS3 Bundle, This Time With Baseball  Bond

America's favourite pastime + suave British secret agent? Not the most natural pairing for a PlayStation 3 bundle, but then, I may just be looking at it wrong. Sports + face-punching might be closer to the mark.


This rumoured new bundle - sent in by a Joystiq reader, and said to be made available on June 14 - includes both MLB09: The Show and a Blu-Ray copy of Quantum of Solace, a movie widely panned by critics, but which I enjoyed, as I'm a lover of films involving men being beaten to death with telephones and other household objects.

It's said to go for $399, and was sent in by a Walmart employee.

New PS3 bundle includes MLB 09 The Show, Quantum of Solace movie [Joystiq]

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Lamest. Bundle. Ever.