[Image: TBS News]

In the Japanese city of Kasugai, a 29-year-old woman was fatally hit by a car as she crossed the street on her bicycle. The driver had been playing Pokémon Go.

This is the second report this week of a Pokémon Go player allegedly hitting and killing a pedestrian. On Wednesday, Kotaku reported that two women were hit at a crosswalk in Tokushima. One of the women was killed.

The latest victim, a 29 year-old Vietnamese woman, was hit on August 11 as she crossed the street at the crosswalk, leaving her in critical condition. She passed away yesterday, TBS News reports.

The driver, a 26 year-old company employee, was arrested and is quoted as saying, ‚ÄúJust before, I had been playing Pok√©mon Go, and I was going to charge my phone, and when I looked away, that‚Äôs when it happened.‚ÄĚ TBS News reports that this is the second death in Japan caused by drivers playing Pok√©mon Go.

As previously reported, a recent Pokémon Go update warned players not to play while driving.


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