Another Paradox Game Jumps To The Tabletop, Blows Past Kickstarter Goal

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Image: Stellaris

After the so-so Crusader Kings effort, another Paradox strategy title—Stellarisis on its way to board gaming after successfully meeting its Kickstarter funding goal.


Not that the goal was ever in question—for a major board game on Kickstarter it rarely is—but still, at time of publishing almost 6000 people have backed it/pre-ordered a copy, for around USD$940,000 in total funding.

Stellaris the video game is a sprawling 4X affair where you attempt to build a huge space empire, and are responsible for everything from building stuff on planets to diplomacy to research to deciding which guns to put on your spaceships.

The board game...looks pretty similar! What I like about it especially is that it has simultaneous planning, meaning a lot of the, “I’m still thinking gimme a minute,” deadtime is removed. Also cool: each game only goes for around two hours, but you can expand and continue your civ over multiple sessions, going further down the research trees as you go.

You can see more pics of the minis and art here.

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Stellaris the video game is one of those games that just stumped the shit out of me as far as trying to play it effectively.

I’ve done some pretty impressive things in Paradox games, all told (a top-10 score as a Native American faction in EU4, a winning score in Imperator: Rome as a two-province, four-pop minor, a full 900-year play through the 2D games first as Yaroslavl in the first Crusader Kings and eventually as a Swedish-Russian global empire using savegame converters for EU2, Victoria, and HoI2), but I am hot garbage at Stellaris.