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You know how this works. Physically attractive girl gets on Wii Fit, physically attractive plays Wii Fit, things jiggle, someone else posts video of it on the internet, boys get horny, massive page views ensue. It worked for Wii Fit Girl, who has an impressive 5 million views on YouTube, and it worked for Playboy's Jo Garcia. Now, UK men's mag Zoo is giving it a go with someone known as Emma Frain, hoping lightning strikes for the third (or fourth, fifth, whatever) time and that they can catch that lightning in a bottle as thousands of dudes diddle their unmentionables.


If this sounds like you, hit the jump for the cleaner, but still packed to the gills with jiggles version.

Harmless, really. The uncensored version, which has some harsh reality on film, is at It's SOOOOO NSFW.

Emma Frain Wii Fit Topless! [Zoo]

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