Another Game Announcement Comes Via Movie Deal

Few months back, the announcement for Dante's Inferno had its cover blown by an accompanying movie deal. Oops. Today, we learn of another game courtesy not of a proper reveal, but of its licensing deal.


That game is called "Blacklight", and is being developed by Zombie, the team behind America's Army. Oh, and the Saw game. It's come to light because a company called Union, which specialises in brokering multimedia deals, saw potential in the game and sold the rights to Fox Atomic, who will now be overseeing not only the Blacklight game, but a comic book and movie as well.

Blacklight is, as you'd expect from Zombie, a first-person shooter. Specifically, a "tactical FPS" set 25 years in the future, which sees you sand your team of army types tracking down your former commander in the make-believe city of Balik, Kajikistan.

Blacklight set up as a movie at Fox Atomic while the game's still in the works [The Cut Scene]

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