According to a report from blog Joystick Division, one of their staffers was allegedly viciously attacked by a man claiming to be a Kotaku reader. The writer, Gary Hodges, claims that after being assaulted and told "I’m gunna teach you to be a Kotaku reader," a crude "K" was scrawled into his right cheek with a "a toothpick or toenail, I couldn’t tell.” The victim may have also been sexually assaulted, something we hope was caught on a nearby bank security camera, because that is traffic gold. For the record, we condemn these attacks and hope that Mr. Hodges and his neckbeard make a full and speedy recovery. FAKE UPDATE: It appears that this rumor story could be Joystick Division throwing their credibility out the window as part of a timely "joke." Kotaku's decision to run rumors is always based on the credibility of the site and the information contained within it. Normally, we wouldn't post about such obvious linkbait, but it appears that may no longer be the case. Joystick Division supporter viciously attacked, “K” carved in his face [Joystick Division - thanks, Chris!]