Anime Magic Spell Turned Into Covid-19 Barrier

Illustration for article titled Anime Magic Spell Turned Into Covid-19 Barrier
Image: Takumi
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To protect from the novel coronavirus, stores in Japan (and around the world) have installed plastic barriers. They might be effective, but they’re rather dull.


Twitter user Takumi Armory, a company which specializes in fantasy-themed props, has created this anime magic spell-style divider that it says can “defend against viruses.”

Priced at 15,000 yen ($143), the acrylic partition measures 23.6 inches across and 24.4 inches high. Of course, masks are highly recommended!

Originally from Texas, Ashcraft has called Osaka home since 2001. He has authored six books, including most recently, The Japanese Sake Bible.


That’s a cool way to make something that’s usually mundane more fun; But is it really worth 15,000 yen ($143)? I get profit needs to be made, but that price seems a bit much to me.