Anime Fans Show Their Love With Birthday Shrines

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Screenshot: tsutomu_0822

September 3 was the day that Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba was born. It’s not uncommon for anime fans to celebrate their beloved characters’ birthdays online by posing merch or even baking birthday cakes. Twitter user Momotan’s online celebration was extra special.


As pointed out on Hachima (via Soranews), Momotan posted a massive collection of goodies for the character’s birthday. Just check this out! It’s incredible.

This month also saw Keiko Hasumi’s birthday. Fans showed their love for the Ensemble Stars!! character with birthday well-wishes and piles of merchandise.

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It’s not for me to understand an otaku’s obsession, but I’ve really never had any connection with owning dozens or hundreds of the same piece of fan culture. I have Star Wars stuff in my office that I like to display, but I wouldn’t understand having 100 General Grievous maquettes lining my shelf. Is it just that people want to financially support the company making shit that services their fandom? These stacks of items just make your space look like a warehouse, which I guess if you have an eye for reselling might be an accurate descriptor