Some people get excited when they find out they're pregnant. Then some don't want kids or don't feel ready. There's a whole range of emotions. But what about anime characters? How did they feel?

This week, a new meme started up online in Japan under the hashtag #妊娠検査薬コラ, which means "Pregnancy Test Photoshop." (Note: Today, I have also seen the English hashtag #pregnancyannouncement floating around as well.)


As website Hachima explains, here's how it works. You take an anime still like this:

You add this:

And get this:

Hello internet meme! Below, you can see some pregnancy announcement Photoshops. Keep in mind that they don't have to be anime characters. That, and the fact that anime characters don't really get pregnant.

[Photo: GUMI_Glasses]

[Photo: extra_takuyo]

[Photo: a_k_1_t_o]

[Photo: Demonbane_PSO]

[Photo: qoo0125]

[Photo: mossan_y_s]

[Photo: ufoprincess]

[Photo: syuna_0293]

[Photo: hinshibato]

[Photo: nino_qyn]

[Photo: R0806N]

[Photo: kageito_P]

[Photo: tsubaki283]

[Photo: bebe080910]

[Photo: Syu014]

[Photo: issei10311993]

[Photo: ulnaf]

[Photo: riku_iwase]

[Photo: NSDAP_SS]

[Photo: wuftukbg]

[Photo: bein_916RAF]

[Photo: tsubaki283]

[Photo: Okojyojyo]

In the comments below, feel free to make your own pregnancy announcement Photoshops with this:

Top photo: Gumi

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