Look, I'm not here to judge. People can do whatever they want with their bodies, er, billboards.

Earlier this month, a billboard was erected in front of Akihabara Station for TV anime High School DxD BorN. As you can see in these photos dating from March 1, it originally looked like this.

[Photos: honya_akiba]

A two-dimensional sign. But by the middle of the month, the billboard looked different.

[Photo: Moeyo]

Don't see what I'm talking about? Here's a side angle:

[Photo: Moeyo]

Ridiculous round spheres had been installed as part of a publicity stunt (well, it worked!). Is this the world's first billboard boob job?

[Photo: Silent_runner]

Yes, this is all rather ridiculous. Then again, that is probably the point.

Top GIF: Kotaku, via 本屋/Moeyo

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