Liu Dong, or "Jocelin" as she calls herself in English, is making the transition from search engine staffer to Chinese popstar! Her debut tune should sound familiar: It's apparently a love song called "Angry Birds" (愤怒的小鸟).

The song debuted on Chinese search engine Baidu's music streaming service, Baidu Ting. Jocelin works in human resources at Baidu.


Her debut didn't come out of nowhere. She first made a splash two months ago after hitting the catwalk at the Baidu Chinese New Year party. Her photos spread through the internet, and she picked up 300,000 followers on her Weibo—think Twitter for China—account.

Jocelin penned the tune herself apparently. No word on what Rovio thinks or on how much the young songstress was influenced by the game, which is hugely popular in the Mainland.

Baidu HR Staffer Launches Pop Career with Debut Song ‘Angry Birds' [TechInAsia via Kotaku Japan]

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