Angry Birds Space Hits 50 Million Downloads in 35 Days

Rovio's focused assault on the casual gaming public continues to pay off big time, as Angry Birds Space surpasses 50 million downloads in 35 days, breaking all previous records and making developers of big-budget console titles feel reevaluate their careers.


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If any developers are wanting to reevaluate their careers over this, I'm really not interesting in playing anything they make. Instead of worrying about how you can have this kind of success, worry instead about making games of value.

Know that I am not necessarily making any statement about Angry Birds when I say this.

I am attacking the "make a low-budget game, turn a world-spinning profit" mentality.

At the risk of sounding awfully pretentious, this is not what the game industry needs. Know that I am also not saying that low-budget games are bad. For clarification, see above.