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Angry Birds Pops Up at Burning Man

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Angry Burner | BLACK ROCK DESERT, NV - Spotted by reader Kenji. (Photo: Reader Kenji)


This Is the Arcade, Totally Re-Invented

In the past decade, retro game bars have popped up across Japan. Part of the appeal is that these water holes have game consoles you can play while getting shitfaced. More »


Halo Creative Director Leaving Halo 4

Halo 4 is the first title in a new trilogy of Halo games. The previous three titles were developed by Bungie, but the next three are being made in-house by Microsoft's own Halo studio. More »

The Beasts and Beauties of God of War

A former comic book artist, Andy Park is one of the main men to thank if you liked the look of the last two God of War games, as he was a senior concept artist on both God of War II and God of War III.
That means many of the series' classically-inspired nasties, as well as some of its most... More »


Japan Gets Official Uncharted 3 Control Pad

On November 2, the same day the game is released, Japan will be getting this fancy, limited edition DualShock 3 bearing the colours and livery of upcoming action game Uncharted 3.
Featuring a two-tone colour scheme with khaki up top and brown down below, the pad also comes with a "map" motif across... More »


What Is Holding Up Deus Ex in Japan?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was supposed to be out Sept. 8 in Japan, but it's now slated for sometime in Oct. The reason for the delay is that "prohibited images" were found in one place in the game. More »


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