Angry Birds Observe Easter, Too (But It's Weird)

In a weird, oxymoron twist of a story, two loving Angry Birds characters come together to celebrate Easter.

I never knew you could use peeps for anything other than blowing them up in the microwave, but they clearly have some cinematic value to YouTube user mike chan.

I kind of don't know what the hell is going on in this video, but I decided that the pretty colors and visuals still needed a story. So basically what happens is that the two angry birds devour the chocolate bunny in a ritualistic ceremony, hence the peep worshipers, which offsets the entire balance of the universe (because science) and causes a stylish Angry Birds meteor to come crashing into the fictional Easter Island. Or something.


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The creator, when asked about what the hell he just created.

I don't even know if this fits. I don't even know anything anymore.