Angry Birds Meets Iron Maiden For Some Reason

Angry Birds Evolution, the odd adult-aimed offshoot of the series that spawned an animated kids film, gets a little bit stranger on October 18, when a bird based on the undead mascot of venerable metal band Iron Maiden arrives in the game. Huh.


I suppose there are stranger places to go for a Halloween event than on a bird-i-fied tour of Iron Maiden’s Eddie through some of the band’s best years. During the two-week event, Evolution players will be able to collect and evolve the Eddie bird through three of my favorite albums—Killers, Powerslave and Somewhere in Time—as well as 2015's The Book of Souls, which I haven’t gotten around to listening to yet but I hear is pretty great.

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But it’s still hard for me to reconcile this game’s more adult aesthetic with the CG film that makes my six-year-olds giggle. Hey kids, try giggling at this scary bastard.

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“Our team is filled with massive Iron Maiden fans and Eddie was both our first choice & a natural fit in Angry Birds Evolution,” said Miika Tams, VP games and product lead for Angry Birds Evolution in an official announcement. “It’s about time his status as a true rock icon was celebrated and we know that fans will love seeing Eddie the Bird raise hell on Bird Island!”

Eddie the Bird will be available to collect in Angry Birds Evolution starting on October 18.

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I forgot about Book of Souls. It sounded like a particularly convincing Maiden cover band decided to make an original album that sounds exactly like a new Iron Maiden album, but without any of the excitement. Like, if you ran down a checklist of things that make a Maiden album sound like a Maiden album, but forgot to include any real creativity or passion. It wasn’t especially bad, but it wasn’t exactly good either. It just kinda...was.