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Angry Birds Land is Now a Real Place, and It's In Finland

Illustration for article titled Angry Birds Land is Now a Real Place, and Its In Finland

Angry Birds remains big business. The original, now-classic game continues to expand, and the sequel, Angry Birds Space, just hit the 50-million download milestone in 35 days. You can get Angry Birds fruit snacks, costumes, playground equipment, and any other kind of irritated avian-themed merchandise you can possibly think of.


And now, Eurogamer reports, the Angry Birds Land theme park has opened in developer Rovio's home country, Finland. The family-friendly expansion to the Särkänniemi Adventure Park, which Rovio helped design, has a dozen rides, and, naturally, heavily Angry Birds-themed decor and food, plus game-playing stations and meandering mascots.


The game is, without doubt, an international sensation, but can a Finnish theme park really draw visitors from around the world with the promise of stamping out green piggies? Perhaps, in the end, it's not any sillier than designing a massive entertainment empire around a cartoon mouse and his companions. May they have much slingshot-powered success.

Angry Birds Land opens at Finnish theme park [Eurogamer]

(Top photo: Eurogamer)

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Finland, Finland, Finland.. the country where i want to be, eating breakfast or dinner.. or just playing in Angry Bird land.