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Angry Birds Coming To A Board Game This Year

Illustration for article titled Angry Birds Coming To A Board Game This Year

If you treasure all that time spent building Mousetrap's contraption and its inevitable collapse midway through, then Angry Birds: Knock on Wood, a board game due later this year from Mattel, is perfect for you. Yes, it has a slingshot.


In the two-to-four player game, both sides will play a card-based strategy game that supplies the materials necessary for building the pigs' structure, and the birds to knock it down. Then comes time to fling the fowl. Players then tally points based on how much of their structure is left standing or how much of their foe's they knocked down.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood supplies three Angry Birds figurines, four pigs, 14 blocks, 56 different mission cards and, of course, the slingshot. It'll have a $14.99 pricetag in the U.S. and figures to hit shelves in May.


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Board... game? I am not familiar with these things. What are their current specs, and do they use physical media? Will it have DLC?