Angels Fall First Is Trying To Be Your Dream Sci-Fi Combat Game

Angels Fall First is the latest in a long line of games—from Battlecruiser 3000AD to Planetside—to try and actually be the type of video game I dreamed about playing in high school.

Made by a team of former modders—who unsurprisingly given this game’s brief had worked on stuff like Homeworld and Unreal Engine—Angels Fall First is their first commercial title.


It certainly sounds ambitious; it’s a game where you control a space soldier on foot (and there’s a lot of FPS combat), but can also take control of everything from ground vehicles to fighters to giant starships (or, if you’re not controlling them, sit back and watch them go at it). And the way its multiplayer battles are framed seems interesting too, in that there are modes where you can do stuff like invade a giant capital ship by landing transports in it.

It’s available now on Early Access. I played it today and, while it’s still a bit early/empty/janky (as you’d expect), there’s real promise in the scale of the combat. Running from the bridge of a starship into a hangar bay then jumping into a starfighter and blasting around a massive space station, all without a pause, is a lot of fun.

Another cool touch is that there’s plenty of bot support in the game, so if you want to practice the various arenas and vehicles, you can skirmish against the AI before dying in public.

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