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And You Thought Mass Effect 3's Ending Was Bad...

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When people get all misty-eyed about the amazing, original Syndicate from 1993, they often overlook something. The game's ending. Or, to be more accurate, its complete lack of one.


Maybe they never finished the game, I don't know, but I did. And it was a tough game. So getting to the end I was expecting another wonderfully-animated sequence like the intro, some kind of badass cyberpunk imagery to congratulate me on my achievement.


Nope. Go to 3:10 to see the game's ending. And don't blink.

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I thought I'd give my two cents on the whole "endings" thing.

I think I'm in the minority here, but to me, the "ending" of a game is way more than just the cutscene that plays at the end. IMO, the entire the last "act" of a game is the "ending": the buildup leading to the final epic confrontation or struggle for survival, etc.

Over the years, I have heard many complaints about a number of endings to games which I consider to be pretty good IMO. I'll just raise a couple of examples (warning - spoilers below):

First, Bioshock. Back then, alot of people seem to have the opinion that the 20-second cutscene at the end was just pure laziness. Personally, I thought it was really poignant. Like I said above, the entire final act of the game was the ending to me.

Kitting up as a Big Daddy, going through the last gauntlet-like level while protecting the Little Sisters, and then taking the elevator to the confrontation with Fontaine and then finally killing him. That was the ending, and it was awesome IMO.

The cutscene after that was just icing on the cake, just to let you know what happened to Jack and the Little Sisters after the events in Rapture. Frankly they could have done without it and I would have been happy.

And now, obviously, I will bring up Mass Effect 3. Of course it's debatable that the FMV endings don't make sense within the context of the game's universe; I'm not gonna go into that. But I thought that the final stretch of the game was one HELL of a ride.

Attacking Cerberus HQ, taking out Kai Leng (GODDAMN that was satisfying), then culminating in the final assault on Earth where you get to say your last goodbyes to your precious party members (past and present), after which the game throws you against crazy-overwhelming odds. Not to mention the sequence where Harbinger comes down personally to kick Shepard's ass and completely ruin your day, and the by-now infamous "Marauder Shields" moment. And then there is that confrontation with the Illusive Man, and your last moments with Anderson.

Yeah, maybe Bioware could have handled the whole Catalyst/Control/Destroy/Synthesis part better. I won't deny that. But to be perfectly honest? I think I got what I wanted. I faced incredible odds with my team and won. I'm actually pretty happy with what I got.

So anyways, I'm likely to be in the minority here, and this is just my opinion. This is all subjective of course.