And This is What High-Definition Rereleases Are All About

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Some people view high-definition rereleases of older games as nothing more that an attempt to cash in on nostalgia. Others, like commenter Uncle Jesse here, see them as an opportunity to discover the gems they might have missed.


Confession time!

I have never played Shadow of the Colossus. Phew. There I said it. Yes, I have never played it. Ever. I've never even touched it. I've only seen videos of it before, so I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about with the recent, updated release and... WOW!

Let me just get this out of the way - the game is gorgeous! The animations are beautiful and the fights feel incredibly epic! The dynamic score is awesome, too! This game deserves all of the praise it has gotten over the years. It holds up so well that I wish I played it when it originally came out because if I'm this impressed now, all these years later, my brain probably would've exploded back then! I just defeated that flying colossus. Wow. I've just never played anything like this before. It feels so fresh and original right now.

People might call them cheap 'cash-ins' or what not, but I'm all for these re-releases. I don't see any harm in letting people experience classic games that they might have missed or not even been around to enjoy. Honestly, it can be tough to get into a 10 year old game if it looks and plays like a 10 year old game. These releases can make the game more inviting and let people experience these gems as if they were new today.

PS - I've never played Ico either... Not a bad double-pack for me then, right?

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They wouldn't feel like cash-ins if the games were playable in some other form (either via PS3-PS2 BC or digital downloads for more PS2 games). Instead, unless you buy a PS2 or have your old one still (and you're lucky enough for it to still be working), buying these HD makeovers is the ONLY way to play these games now.

Call me spoiled or entitled, but considering the state of our technology and the industry in general, there is no excuse for not having BC or making these games easily playable other than publishers wanting more cash.

That said, I agree that for those who haven't played the games or want upgraded visuals, these HD re-releases are awesome. I'm considering getting the Ico/SotC collections still, and eagerly awaiting FFX (and hoping it'll be the International version).