And Then X-Men's Quicksilver Ate A Carl's Jr. Biscuit Really Fast

In an effort to make me hate the Days of Future Past version of speedy mutant Quicksilver even more, fast food chain Carl's Jr. went and did this. Note the X-tra bacon.

Carl's Jr., aka Hardee's, has teamed up with some of the actors from X-Men: Days of Future Past to help promote its new line of "X-tra Bacon" sandwiches. Why? I'm guessing the American people lack the willpower to order extra bacon on their own.

Quicksilver is one of my favorite Marvel characters. The son of Magneto and brother to the Scarlet Witch and half-brother to Polaris. In current comic book continuity he's hanging with his half-sis in the latest incarnation of Peter David's X-Factor, which I turn to for comfort every time I see Evan Peters with horrible silver hair and a shiny jacket (he's quick, also silver.)


I like Evan Peters — loved him in the first season of American Horror Story. Here, not so much.

In related news, Daniel Cudmore is still amazing as Colossus, even if he doesn't have an accent.

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Evan Peters, Daniel Cudmore pose as 'X-Men' characters for new Carl's Jr. campaign [NY Daily News]

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