And Then The Secret World Got All Naked

When I first installed and started The Secret World earlier this week, I encountered a tiny graphical glitch: everybody was naked.

Not completely naked, mind you. I mean, they all had underwear on, and some of the shirts still showed up. There were just an awful lot of topless women and pantsless men running about.


I'm not certain what went wrong. Textures in general completely freaked out, some missing completely, others corrupted and twisted. Except the nipple textures. Those seemed fine. Nice of Funcom to remember them. Hopefully this means big things for the company's rabid role-playing fans.

And before anyone accuses me of exploiting female polygons, here:

Now that's a sexy look.

I did manage to snag a brief video clip in the midst of my bewildered shock. I didn't, however, get a chance to censor it, so be careful.


Update: Just to assuage fears no, the green square is just a glitch and not part of the game.

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