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And the Year's Best Indie Games Are...

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Each year the Independent Games Festival awards recognize what are often the most interesting, most innovative games of the year. This year was no different.


Here are your winners:

Best Student Game

Technical Excellence
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Excellence in Design
Desktop Dungeons

Best Mobile Game
Helsing's Fire

Excellence in Visual Art
Bit.Trip Runner

Excellence in Audio
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

IGF Audience Award

Nuovo Award

Seumas McNally Grand Prize

As Monaco developer Andy Schatz put it: "The IGF is not intended to make a small thing big, it's a reminder that there is beauty hidden in the shadows of the big things."

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Real indie games aren't featured on mainstream poser festivals man.

I (a real indie) only play pre-Flash 10.0 games that were made by one person, and can only be downloaded through lesser known IRC channels, and of course, I play them in a Flash debugger.