Voting for our Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter contest wrapped up Friday night.


We've tallied the votes and the winner is Rated-G. The runners-up are: Colewheeler, Greyisokay, Trocar-Slush- and Psudonym.

Over the weekend Rated-G emailed me to say that even if he did win, he'd rather the top prize go to Colewheeler, which is awfully nice. So Colewheeler will be receiving the grand prize and the four runners-up will each be getting the runner-up prizes.

If you're one of the lucky five please email me from the account you registered on Kotaku with so I can get the ball rolling on getting you your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. I'm sorry we couldn't hand out more prizes. I do want to point out that while we've been having technical issues with comments for the past week making it hard or impossible for readers to view older comments, that did not effect our finalist selection.


We checked entries multiple times a day all last week up until Friday morning, everyone was considered. Blame me and my taste on any choices you don't agree with, it had nothing to do with timing or technology.

Hopefully everyone will be happier with our next contest. Take care.

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