With E3's hype train having come, paused then rattled off into the sunset, gamers are free to weigh up the holiday season's (and beyond!) planned releases, and make plans themselves. Like which of the games they're going to actually buy.

Market research firm Nielsen ran a poll between June 7-14, and asked a bunch of gamers which of the year's big Christmas or 2010 releases they'd either "definitely" or "probably" be picking up. You can see the results of that study below.


It's interesting seeing the disconnect here between the purchasing intent of the study group as opposed to what caught the attention of the people actually there. Or even the type of people reading this site.

OK, there's no Scribblenauts. That's to be expected. But no Uncharted 2? No Splinter Cell: Conviction? No Mass Effect 2? And no Modern Warfare 2? Now that's a surprise. Maybe they should have called it Call of Duty after all...

Who Won The Battle For Gamers' Hearts At E3? [Nielsen]

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