And Now There Is A Girl...

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To recap: First there was a landscape and the number four. Then a dragon. After that, a boy. And now? A girl.


There looks like there is enough space on the back of that dragon for at least another rider, maybe more. Check back tomorrow! It should be oh so thrilling.


NEW Game [Square Enix Thanks, Ryto!]

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Tim Rogers

the music is great! it sounds kind of like vintage kenji ito circa the gameboy era.

so i'm thinking it could be SaGa 4, if they chose to rejuvenate that franchise. (the original "final fantasy legend" games for gameboy were called simply "SaGa" in japan, and there were three of them.)

also, there is a remake of SaGa 1 coming to the DS at some point in the near future, so there's that.

or the music quality could be a red herring and this could be GRANDIA 4.

game arts haven't done anything big recently, yeah?

hmm. those are my two guesses! i am officially unable to think of any other square / enix / tri-ace / game arts series that have had precisely three numbered installments up until this point.