Hot on the heels of Friday's revelation of the European Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition, GameStop has revealed details on the North American CE, which remains largely the same with a few console-specific differences.

While North American fans will still be receiving the 65-minute long anime movie (on Blu-ray for PlayStation 3), five downloadable costumes, and the comic-book styled hint book, the pair of limited-edition figurines will be split up according to which console you purchase the game for. PS3 owners will be receiving the Ryu figure, while Xbox 360 players will be getting the busty newcomer, Crimson Viper. While there is no mention of a collector's box, GameStop is listing a soundtrack CD, which wasn't mentioned for the Euro set.

Pity. I was really coveting that box.

Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition with Bonus! [GameStop]