And Now, Ron Swanson Will Perform Slam Poetry About Bacon

You know what's awesome? That Parks and Recreation comes back on tonight. You know what else is awesome? This video of Nick Offerman, who plays gruff saxophone playing bureaucrat Ron Swanson on the show, playing bongos while performing slam poetry about bacon.

Sometimes it's hard to tell where the Offerman ends and the Swanson begins.

Sure, there are lots of great returning shows coming back on, but are there any new shows that you think people should know about? What shows are you excited to see come back? What do you wish should get cancelled already?


Go ahead and talk TV, or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, and good video gaming. It's almost the weekend!

(Via Pajiba)

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Faux Bravo

Good freaking LORD, Youtube sucks ass now. It's like, every time you think they couldn't possibly squeeze more ads in there, they squeeze more ads in their. Is there some sort of alternative? Nature, you say? Fine. To the woods!