Don't believe everything you see on television β€” even when it's reported by a major Japanese television network β€” and especially when reported by TBS, it seems.

Earlier, it was reported by TBS News that the Ethics Organization of Computer Software had voluntarily agreed to halt the sale and manufacture of "rape-type" games. Too bad nobody told the EOCS, because the organization was surprised to see this reported by TBS and later picked up by Yahoo! News Japan.

So what happened? Back when Rapelay controversy reached Japan, TBS came to the EOCS to do an interview, but then edited the footage to misrepresent the organization's intended stance. TBS recently asked to do another interview with the EOCS, who declined this request. Still, TBS ran this story, regardless.


Apparently, nothing will go into effect on June 2. There is merely a meeting then, and this news report came out of nowhere. On erotic game industry insider says that even if the organization had decided to prohibit the games, companies would have until past July to comply with the new regulations. What's more, the used game market will probably be unaffected.

There are even rumblings that this news report is a news campaign on the part of the New Komeito Party, which has previously expressed disapproval of these types of games. This is unconfirmed, but supposedly the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry told a New Komeito party rep that there was going to be a meeting on June 2 β€” information that apparently was passed on to TBS. This some how became rape games will be banned on June 2. Like we said, all unconfirmed.


Those connected with the EOCS do see tighter regulations for these types of games, but not necessarily prohibition.


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