The recent Western crackdown on the legally-released-three-years-ago game Rapelay has inspired Japanese politicians swoop onto the bandwagon. Surprised?

The New Komeito Party is fingering erotic games as a negative influence on the rate of Japanese sex crimes.

As website Sankaku Complex points out, Japan has an extremely low sex crime rate:

UN Rape Rates
per 100,000

Canada: 78.08
Australia: 77.79
USA: 32.05
Sweden: 24.47
UK: 16.23
France: 14.36
S. Korea: 12.98
Germany: 9.12
Russia: 4.78
Taiwan: 4.08
Japan: 1.78


The Komeito Party is quoted as stating, "There is a very good chance that the influence of violent sex games far exceeds that of regular pornography." The politicians provided no basis for these claims. How convenient.

守ろうとしているのは本当に子供か [カワタカ技研ココログ工場 via Sankaku Complex]