And Now, More Freaky Pokémon Art

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Last year, Kotaku reported that artist Gomi Kuzu Tarou has submitted a Pikachu painting into a contest for a chance to be turned into a Pocket Monster card. The art was rather freaky! Gomi Kuzu Tarou, a talented artist, is back with another Pokémon card submission.


This time, Gomi Kuzu Tarou tried his luck with Charizard. His excellent painting, however, did not win and will not be on an official card.

If you liked his earlier Pikachu painting, you’ll probably like this—a commission he did.

One day, I hope he wins and his art ends up on an official Pokémon card.


If you like these paintings, be sure to follow Gomi Kuzu Tarou on Twitter.

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It’s heartwarming to see a fat pikachu as Sugimori intended.