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And Now I Have To Pay $25 For A Bag Of Chips. Happy, Lay's?

Illustration for article titled And Now I Have To Pay $25 For A Bag Of Chips. Happy, Lays?

Last week Lay's decided to award the U.S. potato chip prize to Cheesy Garlic Bread, the least interesting of the three "Do Us a Flavor" competitors. A little over a third of America voted for it, allegedly. That leaves a little under two-thirds of America to the mercy of price-gouging jerks on Amazon and eBay.


Who is going to spend $24.95 plus shipping for a bag of Chicken and Waffles or Sriracha potato chips? Not me, that's for sure. I only went as high as $20 with shipping on eBay for a bag, and I will savor that bag until Lay's comes to its sense. Hopefully that'll happen before the rebellion.

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Mike why would you $25 for those when you can get the best flavor for much cheaper?