And Now DC Comics Does Aion

No video game is safe from DC Comics' WildStorm imprint, as NCsoft's Aion becomes the latest title to get the comic book treatment, with a special issue available at PAX or with purchase at GameStop.

"Aiva's Story" tells the story of a young Asmodian warrior named Aiva, which seems completely appropriate given the name of the issue. Aiva has vowed vengeance against the Elyos who killed her family during a raid, and the comic tells the story of this quest for revenge through the artwork of Neil Googe and the words of David Noonan and Ricardo Sanchez.


The limited-edition comic will be given away free to folks who purchase the game at GameStop later this month, with a limited number of copies also available to visitors to NCsoft's booth at PAX 09 this weekend.

I like the idea of delving more into the fiction of Aion via a comic, but a limited-edition one-shot? That will never do. Full series please.

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