And Now, A Pokémon Game For Adults

I mean no offence by that, adult players of existing Pokémon games. But Pokémon Apex is a fan-made game that’s aimed specifically at post-puberty humans.


It’s not an adult adult game. Don’t expect massive art changes or copious amounts of NSFW content or anything like that. But it’s certainly not the all-ages experience that an actual Pokémon game aims for, either.

Here’s developer Nate’s description of the project:

Pokémon Apex is developed with an adult Pokémon fan in mind. The game contains some adult dialogue (some swearing) and themes (death, abandonment), and some minor horror elements. Furthermore, the game is intended to be somewhat difficult, meaning that you will need to think about your strategies and make conscientious choices about your team in order to progress. Playing through the game haphazardly will get you into trouble.

Also, this game is for people who prefer to take their time in games to explore their environment and uncover hidden details. There are lots of small details hidden throughout the game, as well as secret areas and items that reward meticulous players.

The story begins with the player controlling a kid in a regular, normal city. One day, you’re magically transported to another world, full of demons (the Pokémon) and a cult who are trying to destroy the world.

So far so different, but then, this is all thematic and cosmetic stuff. What about the game itself?

It’s been overhauled as well. There is still monster battling, but the structure has been altered: starters don’t adhere to current types, progression is based on unlocking new areas, there are no gyms, there are multiple storylines and “many sidequests” as well.


Pokémon Apex is still in development, but you can download and try it out here. I’ve been playing it this morning and it’s pretty good! There’s some nice custom art in places, and even after only a few hours it already feels nice and different to a standard Pokémon experience.

Via Alpha Beta Gamer

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