Did you grab that torrented New Xbox Experience? Don't think you're going to get much value out of it.

Yeah, if you didn't make it into the preview, there's a leaked NXE out there (you guys have teh google, you can find it), but putting it on your machine sounds like a dumb idea that gets you nothing. First, you don't get to use Live for half of a month. Don't care? Antisocial gamer with no friends? Well, Microsoft's probably going to find out the instant you connect that you got this thing through shady channels, and ban the hell out of you from just about everything. Since a big point of the NXE is what you do online, good luck resisting that temptation forever. NXE Leaked, Installation Disables Live Until Nov. 19 [Xbox 360 Fanboy] [UPDATE]: It looks like I assumed a bit too much on this. Here's the official word on that: In participation with this program, you should not move your storage device (hard drive, or memory unit if you do not have a hard drive) to any other console as it will also update that console. If an unregistered console is updated with the NXE update, that console will not be able to connect to Xbox LIVE until the NXE has been officially released on November 19th.