And Here's the Winner of the Ultimate Legend of Zelda Spirit Track Kit

We asked readers to get off their duffs and try to convert people into Zelda fanatics... and to document themselves doing it.

The lucky winner receives a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, a Spirit Tracks t-shirt, a $1,000 Nintendo World Store gift card, a Zelda's "biggest fan" trophy and a white Nintendo DSi system personally signed by longtime Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. And the ten runner's-up all get a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game and a Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks t-shirt.

We picked the finalists and then let you vote to determine the winner. That winner is Nerve11's Train Spotting which took 42 percent of the vote, with Clskbc's Human Triforce grabbing a close second with 30 percent.


Here's what Nerve11 did to win, in his own words:

Well here's my entry, after waiting for about 20 minutes in the cold (its really not that warm in there, I was shivering and my toes were frozen), the train finally came, and after picking up the passengers at the train station (about 30ish meters away), the train drove by and the passengers had a good look at me and the messages, as did a few other people who walked by me. I varied the poses a little as the train moved along.

If you're wondering why I didn't stand with the other people *in* the train station, its because I didn't want any trouble , or to be labeled as a public nuisance and have the cops called on me (they did successfully see me from the the distance though). And yes, I admit, its difficult to have a couple hundred people on-board a moving train hold a "kotaku" sign, but I'm sure they did not miss seeing mine, even the conductor saw it lol.

But hey, promoting a Zelda train-themed game around a train station and in front of a slowly moving train while wearing a huge Phantom costume seemed like a good idea to me! I hope you like it and good luck to the other entrants.

While he may not have landed a single convert, he certainly reminded a few people of the game with his giant sword-sign. As I said when we launched the contest, we would factor in the number of people they converted when judging and we wanted you to do the same. Apparently the outlandish attire and his dedication to getting the word out to a train full of people while standing in the snow outweighed the lack of convertees.

Thanks to everyone for their interesting and original approaches to the contest.

If you were a finalist or the winner please send me a direct message through Kotaku with your name and mailing address.


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