And Here's A Wii Football Accessory

We mention a plastic football accessory for the Wii in our radio show this week, and a plastic Wii football accessory appears! Coincidence? Probably!


Could a plastic football accessory make Madden sell better on the Wii? CTA Digital, the company behind the Wii bowling ball and iPhone steering wheel accessories would like to think so. The Football for Wii opens up to accept your Wii remote, mirroring the face buttons of your controller on top of the football for a semi-authentic sort of look and feel. The controller is compatible with Madden 10, Madden 09 All-Play, NCAA Football 09 All-Play, and several other football games that you can just read off the sales brochure below.

The point here is that when Crecente and Totilo imagine something, it happens. We might want to stay on their good sides.

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