And Dudes Dream of Electric Sheep

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Even when you work from home you can still dream about work, though it does take that whole "I went to work naked," anxiety dream off the table because hey, who's around? I might be butt naked typing this right now. Think on that for a little bit.


When you work in this space, though, the work dreams are confoundingly weird. I have dreamed that I misspelled NBA 2K11 producer Rob Jones' name - that he was really some dude with a long Arabic name. I've dreamed that Madden's credits included the notation "Brian Crecente's wardrobe furnished by MR. GUY." (I watched a lot of game shows as a kid.) Last night I dreamed I met Gabe Newell. I actually haven't in real life.

Gabe met me down at the old offices of my hometown newspaper. I was trying to fix an old CompuGraphic TypeSetter using a schematic drawn on the ceiling like heiroglyphs. Gabe told me a UFO was outside. I went to the window, looked at it, and for some reason knew it was a hoax.


Then I woke up.

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