Anarchy Reigns' New Robot Driller Killer Channels Antoine Dodson

"Hide your wife. Hide your husband. They are drillin' everybody out here." So warns the latest character trailer starring Garuda, the one-ton Transformer armed with a pair of high velocity drills.

Clearly, anything goes in the next game from Bayonetta, Vanquish and Madworld creators Platinum Games. Two thousand pound androids who can transform into jets are just as capable fighters as the man with a mechanized tiger knee and the ice queen Sasha. Whatever organization is governing this brawl clearly has an Outback Steakhouse-esque "no rules, just right" policy.


Therefore, if you enjoy your video games like you enjoy your Australian-themed chain restaurants, invest in Anarchy Reigns, which comes to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early next year. See more of Garuda in android action in the gallery above.

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