Anarchy Reigns' Big Bull Nails You With The Jet Hammer

You want a piece of Big Bull, the latest competitor unveiled for PlatinumGames' Anarchy Reigns? Oh he's got a piece for you, and you're not going to like it one bit.

Big Bull is something called a Cybrid, a cyborg in which the only remaining human tissue is the brain. So there's something human lurking inside that gigantic Bull suit, but there's a good chance competitors will never get close enough to see it, thanks to the Jet Hammer.


The hammer is actually the propulsion unit for the Bull armor. Releasing the safety locks affixing it allows Big Bull to transform it into something very large you don't want to get hit with.

That's one large and lumbering addition to a lineup that already includes an Ice Queen, a Master Slicer, and Madworld's main man. PlatinumGames' online brawler gets more interesting every day.

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