Funcom continues to support it's aging massively-multiplayer online science fiction epic Anarchy Online, introducing Legacy of the Xan, a new expansion pack focusing on giving high level players exciting new content.

With Anarchy Online approaching its 8th year of operation, developer Funcom is giving dedicated players a much-needed infusion of new endgame content with Legacy of the Xan, a booster pack that unlocks new regions of the planet Rubi-Ka for players to explore. Seasoned Anarchy veterans will be called upon to brave alien-infested lands and explore the mystery surrounding the Dust Brigade, the shadowy terrorist organization that has been plaguing the planet since the early days of the game.


Legacy of the Xan will be released on February 19th for $19.99, with pre-orders already underway at the official site. As a special added bonus, players who purchase the booster pack early on will receive a special bonus item: The Phasefront Hoverchair. It's a floating recliner, which is really all I've ever wanted from a futuristic online game.

Check out the official website for a developer diary covering all of the features of The Legacy of the Xan.

Legacy of the Xan [Funcom]

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