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DFC Intelligence president & senior technology analyst Wanda Meloni spoke at the GameON: Finance 2.0 conference in Toronto, weighing in the major console manufacturers' futures. According to a Gamasutra report from the event in Toronto, Meloni believes that Sony may never break even on the PlayStation 3 platform because of the losses incurred on each console sold. Sony announced its quarterly results earlier today, showing improved PlayStation hardware sales, but ultimately posting a hefty loss. We're unsure if Meloni was drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, factoring in the 10-year lifecycle Sony has planned for the hardware. Meloni also believes that Sony's slice of the console market share, at 67% during the PlayStation 2 era, will shrink to 50% or below. GOF 2008: DFC Claims PS3 Unlikely to Break Even, PC Not Dying [Gamasutra]


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