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Analyst: Rockstar's Rock Stars May Spark Bidding War

Illustration for article titled Analyst: Rockstars Rock Stars May Spark Bidding War

Take-Two's plummeting stock price may not be the only swift kick in the wallet for the publisher. After EA walked away from a planned purchase of the Grand Theft Auto publisher, Take-Two took a beating on Wall Street. The possible departures of Rockstar Games founders Sam and Dan Houser may cost TTWO even more, as analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan writes today that a bidding war may be in the company's future for the two R* execs. Come February 2009, Pachter writes, Wedbush Morgan analysts "remain convinced that Take-Two faces two equally unpalatable options: either lose the Housers to another bidder, or pay more to retain them." Pachter believes that, if Take-Two fails to keep the Housers on board, future GTA games could suffer, as the two are "instrumental in determining the final shape of the ultimate games released." We suppose the question Take-Two execs are asking themselves is "Will the game buying public notice the difference?" Bidding War Over GTA Talent Looming? [Edge Online]


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Will the game buying public notice the difference?

maybe not, but i would wager that the houser's hypothetical next project for another publisher would be a very hot property. those kids seem to have the touch.